We Make Customized Supply Chain Capabilities Affordable and Attainable

By bringing a customer-centric point-of-view to everything we do, PLUS™ strengthens healthcare supply chain performance by:

  • Leveraging economies of scale through a $1.1 billion purchasing network of hospitals
  • Utilizing the purchasing power of HealthTrust and reducing supply costs
  • Expanding your bench strength, utilizing PLUS’s Impact Teams
  • Right-sizing supply chain purchases with our analytic and planning tools
  • Setting, measuring and analyzing goals initially and monthly through our proprietary tool, QHR Health SQOR™
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More Reasons to Choose PLUS™

Individual Plans

We know there is no one size that fits all. We create individual plans for hospitals and service providers based on their specific strengths and challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Every client has market challenges that are unique to them. We customize solutions to address each client’s specific needs, helping them take advantage of opportunities presented by special situations.


PLUS™ provides flexibility so that clients can take advantage of a connected community yet make decisions that are best for their institutions and communities.

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Experienced Executive Leadership Team

Our company leaders are former operators who have stood in your shoes. These professionals set the company’s high standards for expert knowledge and unrivaled experience in serving healthcare providers.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We stand ready to help you achieve better performance through supply chain management. Reach out today.